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Who are we

We are home for Scandinavians aged 50+ who appreciate an active senior life, great service, safe surroundings and cost-efficient ownership, and who like to reside in Thailand in the dark winter months

Where are we

     Wikitravel writes “Bangsaen is a town that is famous throughout Thailand”. Beach, university as well as a university hospital, very few foreigners and charming Thai surroundings in the city of Bangsaen – this is where we are. Lots of restaurants as many Bangkok residents love to come here during the weekend to eat fresh seafood.

     This makes Bangsaen an ideal place to live and with only 1 hour to Bangkok and Bangkok Airport as well as to Pattaya, it makes the location perfect.

Ownership concept

We are a Thai registered limited company in which you become a share-holder and through the share-holding you have access to your designated apartment. There is a total of 96 apartments

We have a professional staff of about 25 local people employed in management, technical, maintenance, housekeeping, gardening, customer service, reception, restaurant and transportation.

We have a healthy economy and a democratic way to operate.

Amongst the 96 Scandinavian shareholders, a board is elected annually to supervise the management and the operation of SV.

Getting around

We have our own shuttle service (Songthaew) and during the high season it operates every hour from 9AM to 10PM. During the daytime the route focuses on the beach and shopping, whereas in the evening the route is focusing more on restaurants.

A variety of tours are arranged with transportation provided by SV.

There is also a weekly schedule with transportation to various shopping malls including Ikea in Bangkok and to local markets.