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Apartments for sale

Property Description

Scandinavian Village was built about 20 years ago by a Swedish entrepreneur and the estate consist of 3 apartment buildings each with 32 apartments for a total of 96 apartments.

The property also includes a reception, administration building, restaurant, a fully equipped gym, tennis courts, boule facilities, a pool bar, a very large swimming pool, nurse and physio therapist facilities, laundry facilities, putting og indspillings green and last but not least a very nice Spa and massage department.

All 96 apartments have already been sold some years ago, and hence apartment for sale today are private resales from existing owners. Many have been here for more than 15 years and consequently we are slowly having a change of generation process going on.

Some owners have placed their apartments for sale and others are considering, as a consequence of the change of the generation process.

The apartment buildings are with 6 floors and the apartments vary in size depending on which floor you prefer. The ground floor with small gardens and the 3rd floor generally has 2 bedrooms, whereas 2nd, 4th and 5th floor often has 1 bedroom. Some apartments have been expanded to be larger and with 2/3 bedrooms. Finally, the Pent House floor contains very large apartments in excess of 300m2.

We have a detailed description of all apartments available on request, but we suggest that you visit SV on an uncommitting show-trip and through the introduction we will give, we can decide together which preferences you have and direct you to the variety of apartments suitable for your needs.

For more information and booking please go to contact. – Link Here